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​Tooth colored restorations
At Lodi Pediatric Dentistry, we source the most biocompatible and non-toxic filling materials for our patients.  Dr. Anisha has completed her MSD in Pediatric Dentistry with Glass Ionomer restorative materials and cements and is also adept in using other tooth-colored restorations.  Restorative material used is based on caries risk, cooperation level, extent of decay and is customized to each individual patient.
BPA free sealants
Dr. Anisha will discuss the use of dental sealants for certain permanent molars.  Dental sealants help prevent the formation of cavities on permanent teeth.  It is an elective and preventative procedure that most insurances cover.
Tooth colored crowns called strip crowns or pre-veneered white crowns can be placed on front teeth.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  For teeth in the back Dr. Anisha uses stainless steel crowns when needed.

Pulpal therapy 
Decay that causes pain is most likely to the nerve in the tooth.  Radiographic examination is required to evaluate this and a nerve treatment is performed to allow the tooth to be maintained in the mouth.  Anytime a tooth receives a nerve treatment , the recommendation by the AAPD is a full coverage crown on the tooth to help preserve the tooth till it naturally falls out.
Extractions and space maintenance
Teeth that have had severe trauma, abscesses or are causing spontaneous pain often need an extraction.  Dr. Anisha will evaluate a radiograph of the tooth and will assess the dental development of the patient to determine if a space maintainer is required.  In some cases of severe swelling from an infected tooth, oral or IV antibiotics are required.

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